Makeup Forever (Cosmetic Tattooing), also known as micro-pigmentation or permanent makeup, is a revolutionary method of applying natural pigments into the dermal layer of skin.

A variety of cosmetic enhancements can be achieved with the use of Makeup Forever such as eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and full colour lips; giving a natural appearance that stays looking like perfectly applied make-up.

When you apply normal makeup it only lasts a few hours. With permanent makeup you look good 24 hours a day –
swim, sleep, play sport, wash your hair, eat
and still look great!
It won’t wash off and lasts for years. You will look fabulous and feel happier and more confident in your appearance.

Why you should choose Cosmetic Tattooing:-

  • You are so busy you have little time to apply makeup

  • You have allergies to conventional makeup

  • You find it physically difficult to apply makeup

  • You have oily skin that smudges makeup easily

  • You play a lot of sports or perspire easily so that makeup smudges

  • You want to look your best all of the time

Then Cosmetic Tattooing could be for you.

Serendipity services include:

  • Lip Line Tattoo - outlines the lip shape making it easier to apply lipstick and ensuring a great shape

  • Lip Blend Tattoo - blends the colour from the lip line onto the lips, making the outline less obvious

  • Full Lip Colour Tattoo - lips are tinted with an overall colour

  • Eye Liner Tattoo Top and/or Bottom - eyelids can be given fine or wide lines, wings or tails. Small eyes can be enhanced to look larger and eyelashes made to look thicker

  • Eye Brow – shape and define eyebrows

Needless to say all procedures are carried out to the highest levels of hygenie

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Cosmetic Tattooing Price Guide

Lip Line Tattoo$400

Lip Blend Tattoo$600

Full Lip Colour Tattoo$750

Eye Line Tattoo Top$350

Eye Liner Tattoo Bottom$350

Top and Bottom$600